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Hey babes!! Let’s talk gym bag essentials, shall we? Here is a list of all my CANNOT GO WITHOUTS. These things are in my bag ALWAYS, and save me haha.  (more…)

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HEYYY YOU BEAUTIES! Ya know how I said I would be sharing some of my fave workout brands and things?? Well I recently found out about the brand Outdoor Voices, and I am currently OBSESSED with this workout set. Particularly the crop top. Like.. I LOVE IT.

I strayed from my typical black/grey/white and opted for this green set instead. I mean.. I kinda felt a little silly the first time I wore it as it’s a little outside of my comfort zone, but then I realized (more…)

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Heyy beauties! So a bit ago I shared my fave indoor option for LISS on my Insta.  I called it #mysweatlifelissfromhell, and asked girls to hashtag if they did it so I could see if any of you tried it! Well ever since then I get at least one babe a day asking “what is #mysweatlifelissfromhell?” so to make things easier, I thought I would put it up here on the blog for easy reference. (more…)


February 17, 2016
Beautiful quote

“and I said to my body. Softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ It took a deep breath. And replied, ‘I have waited my whole life for this.’”

The first time I read this, it hit me- HARD. (Like, I’m sitting there in my car, wasting time on my phone because my newborn had finally fallen asleep, and the next thing I know I’m bawling my eyes out and having a complete emotional breakdown right there in the grocery store parking lot kind of hard.) I had just had my baby. I was overwhelmed with the indescribable joy of becoming a mother, but also beyond frustrated with my body and very unhappy with myself physically- which I know is irrational- but hard none the less.

All at once those words made me stare my insecurities in the face, while shifting my whole perspective on how I viewed them. It wasn’t my stretch marks, extra weight, zits, or anything else that was the problem. It was that I had somehow allowed myself to view these things in such a negative light, that I had slowly begun bullying myself with my own thoughts. (more…)

Hey! Whassup!? Hello!

February 16, 2016
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Welcome to my fitness blog.

Can I first just say that I feel super awkward having to write without using emojis? Because it really is a rough game and I feel slightly restricted! Like, how can I accurately express my excitement without my ‘squinty eye open mouth smile’ face!? Alas. I shall do my best. Those of you (more…)


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