Welcome to my fitness blog.

Can I first just say that I feel super awkward having to write without using emojis? Because it really is a rough game and I feel slightly restricted! Like, how can I accurately express my excitement without my ‘squinty eye open mouth smile’ face!? Alas. I shall do my best. Those of you have met me over on insta have probably noticed my captions can get a bit lengthy.. my friends make fun of me because basically every post I write is a novel. And believe it or not, 7/10 times I have to edit them down. But guess what?! There is NO LENGTH LIMIT on a blog. BOOM! So if you think I am long-winded over there, I apologize in advance for my posts over here. You have been warned. The thing is though, I have some stuff to say! Or maybe I just really like talking?.. I do tend to ramble at times. But the BBG program, and fitness in general, is such a HUGE part of my life! I LOVE living an active, healthy lifestyle. But I wasn’t always this way, and when I first started my fit journey after having my bubs, I needed a place to go for motivation and inspiration. More than anything, I would have loved just having someone to tell me “YOU CAN FREAKING DO THIS” or “I FEEL YOU GIRL THIS SUCKS RN”.  So that’s what I’ll be over here doing. And if long rambling posts aren’t your thing, no hard feelings. I’ll also be posting my fave healthy recipes, fitness brands/products, fitness fashion, workout videos, the best of those hilarious fitness memes (cause I mean there are some freaking funny ones out there), and anything and everything else related to my sweat life. So whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, or live a super active lifestyle, hi! I’m Kelsey. And I think YOU’RE A FREAKING ROCKSTAR.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”



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