So I am sorry for my absence as of late. I am finishing up a HUGE interior design project this month and have literally no time for much else. It is very exciting and I will definitely let y’all know when it’s finished so you can see it if any of you are interested! So yeah! My blogging the rest of the month may be staggered and spastic, but in a few weeks things should be back to normal and you will probably be sick of me. :)

GUYS! This is one of my fave athletic brands that has ever graced my body. I fell in love with them from the second I tried them on- definitely one of those love-at-first-legging situations. And you KNOW how I feel about my leggings hah! Let me elaborate…

STYLE- Adanola is right up my style alley. Neutral. Classy. Sporty. With feminine, intentional detailing- mesh inserts and strappy back bras anyone? Adanola really is my go-to set. Like ya know that one workout outfit you just feel good in? Yep.

FIT- Ok. So I have tried A LOTTTT of athletic brands, and one thing I have learned is that price does NOT necessarily equal quality or fit. Some of my fave leggings I have ever owned (may they rest in peace) were literally $13 from Forever 21. Some of the most expensive leggings I have owned I HATED. So don’t throw money at a brand just because they are “high end”. Some brands flatter different bodies better, so find what works for you. The fit is everything! Anyway I digress.. my point is Adanola is much less than comparable brands (hi lulu) and the fit is moneyyy. I’m talking LONG. Their leggings are actually long enough haha. The fabrics they use are amazingly comfortable and have just the right amount of stretch. The placement of the seams on the leggings is super flattering for the booty. The tanks are snug around the bust and just the right length- the perfect relaxed fit. I could go on…

QUALITY- THEIR GREY FABRIC DOESN”T SHOW SWEAT. End of story haha. I bought the same color grey leggings from VS and I cant wear them cuase… yeah. They are NOT sweat proof. Ain’t nobody wanna see that. SO ADANOLA FOR THE WIN!

Now that I have thoroughly covered my active wear trifecta of necessities, here are some photographs of me in my current fave Adanola set. haha! I don’t know why I think that’s funny? lol ANYWAYY– thanks to the awesome Hickenlooper Photo for the pics! Annnd if you follow me over on my insta you may have seen some of these before.

PS- Nope, this is not a sponsored post. Although it wouldn’t matter if it was.. cause I would only ever recommend something I truly love, sponsored or not. :)

IMG_8285 IMG_8311 IMG_8320 IMG_8322 IMG_8339 IMG_8348 IMG_8349 IMG_8359 IMG_8366 IMG_8378 IMG_8383 IMG_8388 IMG_8397

There you have it! Did I mention this brand is out of the UK? And they just launched less than a year ago. Annnnd a little bird told me their next launch is set to drop SOOON!



(that was my family nick-name when I was tiny hahaha)