What do I do besides BBG?


On the daily? Change diapers, wipe the cutest little nose you’ve ever seen, play choo choos, read stories, cook (ok like in the loosest sense of the word- but still), do a whole lot of interior designing, run errands, do housework, and last but absolutely not least, get some good quality snuggle time with the hubs. PHEW.

Oh, wait! Did you mean what do I do besides BBG that’s FITNESS related?! Ahahha jk jk. I knew that’s what you all meant. But BECAUSE of all I just mentioned above, the answer is HONESTLY NOTHING!

I am SO. Beyond. Flattered. that I get asked this question as much as I do, and that it is hard to believe I made my “transformation” just doing Kayla Itsines’ BBG program alone. But I really did!

“But you do headstands, and hike, and box jump- those things aren’t in BBG, so that can’t be true!”

Actually, they are! Let’s go back to the BBG basics for a sec. The BBG program Kayla created is comprised of 3-4 resistance training sessions, AND at least 3 cardio sessions (LISS/HIIT), AND at least one solid stretch and recovery session each week.

The resistance sessions are the famed BBG workouts that she lays out for us in the Guides/App. As for the cardio and recovery however, she just gives guidelines of how many we need to be doing, but says we can do them in whatever form we want! Which is where I fit in all my “other stuff”. When the weather is nice, I almost ALWAYS choose trail running or hiking for my LISS/HIIT. I also love making up my own box jumping sessions for HIIT. I also enjoy trying new things or taking new classes here and there, and often incorporate yoga into my LISS or recovery sessions. I LOVE being active! And so I do all kinds of physical activity.

The key though, is that I really do just incorporate all of that into my BBG program! I am a busy working momma and devoted wife, and like all of you, I am just doing my best to balance it all. Maybe one day I will get to spend hours upon hours working out every day, however that has never been my reality.

My first 12 weeks of BBG, I literally did ALL of the BBG workouts at home, simply walked (like slowly) for my LISS only twice a week, and used no weights because I didn’t have any- or sometimes used soup cans or water bottles. My 2nd round, I still did resistance sessions from home. But because it was cold outside, I woke up at 5am to get to a gym and walk at an incline for exactly 45 minutes for my LISS before my husband had to leave for work. This time I used the lightest recommended weights in the resistance sessions (bought some at TJMaxx). My 3rd round of BBG (weeks 24-36) I began doing all of my workouts at a gym because I found one that offered awesome childcare for up to 90 minutes! And began incorporating slightly heavier weights on the exercises where weights are recommended.IMG_9399fit mom, fitness, baby body

Though I have continued doing BBG,I feel like my physical transformation within these first 36 weeks was the biggest. Don’t get me wrong, since then I have definitely become stronger! And have continued to lean out slowly and progress in other ways, but those first 36 weeks of seriously doing the bare minimum of BBG is truly how I made a huge physical transformation.

So there you have it babes!! I hope that clears things up and answers your questions. I REALLY didn’t do anything else. No weight training, no other programs at the same time, no doing cardio every day with the circuits, nothing. There is reason and science behind the way Kayla and Tobi created this program, and it really really does work. There is no need to over-train to get results. You don’t need a fancy gym or hours a day or an expensive personal trainer to change your life. What you DO need however, is PERSISTANCE. CLEAN EATING. and PATIENCE. Cause BBG IS HARD. Freaking hard. But it is do-able in under an hour a day. It is do-able from home while your baby naps, or your toddler plays, or at midnight when you finally have a moment to yourself. So if you haven’t started your fitness journey already, what are you waiting for?! You CAN do this.