I don’t take that word lightly guys. But I REALLY DO feel that strongly about Physiclo’s compression tights WITH RESISTANCE BUILT IN! Yep. This is literally the FIRST company to put resistance bands right into clothing. How freaking cool is that!?

Let’s back up for a sec. When I first heard about these, I was confused. Like.. how is that even possible? I knew immediately I had to give them a try and see what the hype was about. I am super picky about all of my workout gear- ESP the brands that I recommend to ya’ll- and had HIGH hopes for these tights.

THEY CAME THROUGH! For real. The only down side may be that they fit a little differently than most (I mean duh what did I expect they have resistance bands built into them) and the feel takes a little getting used to. I think I burnt a few calories though just jumping up and down trying to get them on the first time! lol. And though the feel is a little weird at first, they actually still look pretty cute! Impressed for sure. Anyway, once I wriggled them on that first time, I packed up little man in the stroller and off we jogged to the park.

EXCEPT 10 YARDS DOWN THE ROAD WE STOPPED JOGGING AND STARTED WALKING BECAUSE HOLY CRAP. These tights WORK y’all! I could feel it! Seriously, just a few minutes into my jog I was breathing heavy. My legs burned like they do when running on an incline, but the ground was flat!

Since that first trial, me and my Physiclo tights have built quite a solid relationship. They are my GO-TO when I want to really push myself, OR on the other hand when I know I’m feeling lazy. :) I’ll throw them on just to WALK to the park with my little, because the resistance bands turn our 1 mile walk to the park + 30 minute playtime into a decent workout! That’s what I call #winning.

So far, my fave workout I’ve done in my Physiclo Resistance tights is a little trail running/booty burner HIIT routine I made up. If you’re looking to mix up your HIIT, love being outside like I do, and wanna build that booty TRY THIS!



Perform with 15-20 second rest between each exercise.

-1 minute incline run

-20 jump lunges

-1 minute incline run

-20 reverse lunge/ knee lifts

-1 minute incline run

-20 sumo jump squats

-1 minute incline run

-20 double pulse sumo squats

-1 minute incline run

-20 jump squats

-1 minute incline run

-20 double pulse squats

-1 minute incline run

Let me know if you try it out! And if this doesn’t burn that booty enough for you, imagine doing this with resistance bands around your legs. Or better yet, DO IT with resistance bands around your legs! Do it Physiclo style. hahah wow that was cheesy. But for real! IT’S KILLER.

Last but absolutely not least, PHYSICLO IS HAVING A SALE! Can I get an amen. Pop over to before April 2nd to grab your first pair of resistance tights 25% off- just enter SPRING25 at checkout. :)

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Thanks to my babe Hilary for braving the cold with me as the sun was going down and snapping these pics in one of my fave places. If any Utah peeps need a photographer check out her site here. Can’t wait till that snow melts and I can be running IN those mountains behind me. For now, the foothill trails will have to do- but hey, I’ll still take it! :)





This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Physiclo. The opinions and text are all mine.