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So I have absolutely nothing to do with this video I’m about to share, except for the fact that I LOVE IT. My husband sent me the link and after watching it I KNEW I had to share it with all of you. (more…)

Perfect Spring Salad


Kelsey here. (Obviously haha). Well I am sitting here eating this DELICIOUSLY amazing salad that I made up a couple weeks ago and have been eating basically every day sense.. SO, I thought Hey! Why not blog this little baby so others can enjoy it too. :) ¬†RECIPE: (more…)

Best Sports Bras

Well hello you stunning person you!! Thanks for stopping by. (insert a hug emogi or three)

Let’s discuss something of great importance. THE GIRLS. Look, whatever size or situation you have going on, the right sport bra can make a SERIOUSSS difference. I have tried about a bazillion brands and types of bras and I am here (more…)

Clean Eating Rules

I LOVE FOOD. Like, intensely. Hands down the hardest part of my fitess journey so far has been learning to embrace clean eating. Don’t get me wrong- I am SO glad that I have, and now I am (finally) to the point where I actually prefer it. However I was not always this way. Not even close. (more…)


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