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Let’s discuss something of great importance. THE GIRLS. Look, whatever size or situation you have going on, the right sport bra can make a SERIOUSSS difference. I have tried about a bazillion brands and types of bras and I am here to give you my two cents on the best of the best. And no, this is not a sponsored post. This is just my little gift to you because I freaking love you and because let’s be honest, is there anything worse than bra shopping?! I submit that there is not. These five brands are the ones that I wear weekly. My go-to, trusted, besties if you will. They are not necessarily ranked in order.. because each is on the list for different reasons, so I will simply tell you what I love about each brand and you can decide from there which is the best to fit your needs. :)


Listen carefully. THESE SPORT BRA’S ARE BAE. When it comes to HIGH IMPACT, no one beats them. NO ONE. I would submit that no one else even comes close. If you are looking for a bra to keep you right in place during the most intense of workouts, look no further. They have a ton of styles, but any of the “high impact” rated bras are seriously the bomb. They keep everything where it needs to be, while still providing shape and most importantly COMFORT. Five stars all around.


You guys these bras are seriously stunning. They are made of the most unique fabric that is sturdy and soft at the same time. Their designs are SO unique- I am actually obsessed with the Oxyenta Bralet. Feminine, flattering, and beautiful. SO pretty that you could TOTALLY wear them as a swim top or crop top as well, because they don’t even really look like bras. One last plus? The liners that come in them are wide, thick, and sturdy- not those little flimsy rinky-dink things that get all crumpled up and don’t even hide when you get cold if you know what I mean. ¬†:)


Their bras take the CAKE for comfort. In fact, I would submit that their classic Medium Support bra in black may be the best all-around sports bra out there. The strappy back gives it style and class while the double front straps give more support than most cutesy sport bras. They say it’s medium support, but for anyone medium/small chested, I would classify it as high impact. I do my resistance training sessions in it (burpees, tuck jumps, ect) and it holds up great. Also, YOU CANNOT BEAT THE PRICE! Not for this kind of quality. Let’s just say I would take my Adanola over my Lulu bra’s any day and they only cost 24 Euro, so about $30!! Yes.


I am semi-new to this brand, but ever since I tried my first couple of Lorna bra’s I have been wearing them on repeat! COMFORT, style, quality, support. Basically on all fronts they are #winning. And yes I know there is no point in putting a hashtag in a blog post. But I felt like it really emphasized WINNING ya know? haha anyway Lorna has a ton of fun colors and styles to choose from, and bonus? Every bra comes with removable padded push-up liners.


Last but not least, forever 21!! The day I found out they carried athletic-wear was a joyous day indeed. CAUSE HI THEIR PRICES!!! I don’t think they have any bra’s that are over $30. In fact, most of them are aroung $15. FIFTEEN FREAKIN BUCKS. Yes. They also have a bazillion options ranging in support, but they make this list primarily because of their low-medium impact bras, or what I refer to as my LISS/yoga bras. If you want a unique, strappy, colorful, SUPER cute trendy sport bra that basically no one else will have but everyone will compliment you on, (that won’t break the bank),¬†Forever 21 is the place!!


There you have it my babes! I hope this is helpful.

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