So I have absolutely nothing to do with this video I’m about to share, except for the fact that I LOVE IT. My husband sent me the link and after watching it I KNEW I had to share it with all of you.

I find SO MUCH truth here! Every sentence is amazing but the two ideas that really spoke to me today are these-

“It will be painful. It will be uncomfortable. And that’s where the growth is.”

“You can transform your life wherever you are right now.”

SO GOOD AMMIRIGHT!? I promise you will not regret spending five minutes watching this amazingly curated video. So click the link, feel the feels, and GET OUT AND SWEAT! Work for your dreams. Because YES, you freakin can.

As cheesy as it can be, I LOVE this stuff! If you have any amazing motivational videos please comment- I’d love to check them out.




Oh! And here are a few pics from a fun shoot I did with Jade from Emmy Lowe Photo awhile back. :)

EmmylowephotoMySweatLife-33 EmmylowephotoMySweatLife-35 EmmylowephotoMySweatLife-39 EmmylowephotoMySweatLife-51 EmmylowephotoMySweatLife-56 EmmylowephotoMySweatLife-63 Fitness Motivation