You’ve heard it a million times- rest is just as important to your overall fitness and health as exercise and eating right. Stretching and foam rolling is a big part of rest and recovery, but so is getting a good night’s sleep! The list of proven benefits is seriously endless. It’s not always so easy though! Life is busy and most of my adult life I have NOT practiced great sleeping habits. Staying up till all hours of the night all through college, then literally waking up every 2-3 hours taking care of a newborn can really rock your body clock. Now that Anderson is older we have been able to get him on a great sleeping schedule, and I have tried to follow suit! Let me tell you, it really makes all the difference.

I made a list of the things that I feel have really helped my husband and I sleep better, but since I am no expert I did a little research before writing this post. Well I was STOKED to see that ALL FOUR of the tips I came up with were listed in the top 6 “Sleeping Tips and Tricks” published on — HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Haha I felt pretty cool. Also this means that I’m not crazy, and these tips are legit so listen up!


This is something that having a child literally forced us into. Babies and toddlers don’t seem to know or care if its Saturday or a holiday or if you’re on vacation- they pop up at the same time evvvvvvery dang day. I used to mildly resent this, but now I love it! I have found it totally true that getting up around the same time (and going to bed around the same time) gives me so much more energy throughout the day and helps me sleep more soundly at night.


Again, I can thank motherhood for forcing me into this one haha. The absolute KEY to sleep training Anderson was creating a solid bedtime routine, and Ry and I have found it works the same for us. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but instead of scrolling through your phone mindlessly each night, get a little routine going and see how it works!


Not at night of course, but working out daily is actually proven to help you sleep better at night!! :)


Get a comfortable mattress and pillows. It reallllly does make the biggest difference! My parents gifted Ryan and I my bed and mattress when we got married. It was awesome and we were so grateful! As time went by though it just wasn’t the comfiest. We put off purchasing a new mattress however, because the ones we wanted were all super expensive. When I was an interior designer for Ethan Allen after college, I learned a lot about mattresses because Ethan Allen sold them. I fell in LOVE with a certain one but the price tag was over $5000 and that just wasn’t happening. I know it’s important to invest in your sleep, but no matter how we justified it that wasn’t fitting in our budget. A few years later I am SO GLAD we didn’t pull the trigger! We came across Helix Sleep  and I am beyond stoked to report that I FINALLY found a mattress comparable to my EA dream mattress, for literally a fraction of the price. I was so skeptical buying a mattress online, but it was beyond with the risk. We were able to customize our sides according to our separate needs and bottom line- I have seriously never slept this well in my life. (Even though we have had the mattress for a month and I still have yet to buy a bed for it haha.)

There you have it babes!! Sweet dreams. :)


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Helix Sleep. All opinions are 100% mine. :)