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This post is SO important to me, because it really is at the core of why I am so passionate about helping and supporting other women to live active, healthy lifestyles. I don’t want you to work out because you feel you need to change your body. I encourage you to work out because your body is AMAZING and beautiful, and deserves to be taken care of. And you deserve to know that about yourself. Simply put, I TRULY believe that if you care for your body, you begin to love your body. And when you love your body, you want to care for it. It is a beautiful cycle of nurturing self-love and regaining the self-confidence that the world so easily and relentlessly seems to strip away.

In my Instagram posts, I am constantly talking about how the greatest “transformation” I have made since striving to live a healthy lifestyle is NOT my physical one, and I will never stop emphasizing that because it is TRUE. I began feeling and seeing a change in my mental well-being far before I ever started to see a change in the mirror, which is really what helped me stick to the BBG program in the beginning. I noticed that the days I took a half hour to break a sweat, I was calmer. I had more energy. My anxiety lessened. I was kinder to myself. I had more patience. To put it simply, I found that as I made a little time each day to take care of myself, I was much better able to take care of my husband and our new baby. At the same time that my nerves were calmed, confidence grew!

I can clearly remember getting ready for a date with Ry one evening, maybe 3 months post-delivery, and crying. It was our first date alone since Anderson had been born and all I wanted was to feel beautiful and look hot for my man. I tried on all my pre-pregnancy jeans, and none of them fit. Instead, I wore a pair I had bought during the first trimester of my pregnancy and was bummed and felt self-conscious the whole night. Flash forward to about a month later – I had been working out consistently for a few weeks and was feeling much better overall! It was date night again, and just like before, I tried on all of my pre-pregnancy jeans. Guess what? They still didn’t fit. But guess what else? I didn’t cry this time. I wore the same pair of jeans I had worn the month prior, and I ROCKED THEM. We went out and I felt beautiful. My size hadn’t changed. My body hadn’t changed much yet at all. But my PERSPECTIVE had begun to shift, and THAT is everything.

Just in case I haven’t convinced you yet that getting your workout on is 100 zillion% worth it – I’m going to break down the non-physical benefits of exercise for you now in a slightly more scientific way☺. (more…)


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