For more on Java properties files refer to the following link. Once, all the statements are executed, the test result is collated based on the assertion results and test is marked as passed or fail. Checkout below post to know what is Soft Assert. Now, using some comments and whitespace along with the UI Map identifiers makes a very readable script. Asserts are more commonly used than verifiers due to their immediate feedback. This Assertion checks that two objects refer to the same object, if it does, then the Assertion passes else it fails the same.

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What Is The Difference Between Assert And Verify In Selenium

The Python script above opens a text file. Commonly used Assertions Assert Equals Assert Equals works by comparing the Expected condition with that of the Actual condition based on which the test results are displayed.

There are many other weberiver as well to do it. In above example, enatxt.

Selenium webdriver api or junit has nothing called “verify”. To launch Firefox browser. Even regular users of the application might have difficulties in understanding what this script does. So when zero value is returned, assertion will pass.

Implementing Assert and Verify logic in Selenium WebDriver

An example I use often – checking the estimates in a jqgrid: These data sets are often from external files i. The following example illustrates that the user validates the default checkbox is checked in the specified site.


If you are not regular reader of my blog then I webdriverr recommend you to signup for the free email newsletter using the below link. There are some difference between Assert and Verify in Selenium.

This technique is specific to links though. At times, we might require the test method to continue execution even after the failure of the assertion statements.

Here, we can see that even though both the test methods are bound to fail, still the test continues to execute. This Assertion checks that two objects do not refer to the same object, if it does than the Assertion passes else it webdriger the same. Both Assert and Verify statements are used in the test suites for adding validations to the test methods. But if an element must be available on a page in order to be able to carry out further operations i.

You have put assertion, can you please let me know where you have added verification. Failing first assertion, Failing second assertion.

SELENIUM | Assert and Verify

The solution to overcoming this issue is to use a try-catch block. Usage of either Assertions or verify statement purely falls on the users cup of tea. Does each page of the website contain a footer area with links to the company contact page, privacy policy, and trademarks information? These would be tests of a specific function within your application, requiring some selennium of user input, and returning some type of results.


As was mentioned earlier, many have blogged on this topic and we encourage the reader to search for blogs on these topics. Post as a guest Name. For instance Does each page have its expected page title?

Checkout below post to know what is Soft Assert. What makes a UI map verofy Or, if it is not the first input element on the page which it is likely not try a more detailed XPath statement. For more on Java properties files refer to the following link.

What Is The Difference Between Assert And Verify In Selenium

There are other design patterns that also may be used in testing. Usually you should stick to one assertion per test case, and in this case the difference boils down to any tear-down code which must be run.

A frequent source of errors for web-sites is broken links assett missing pages behind links. In contrast, verify commands will not terminate the test. For instance, HTML for a dynamic page element might look like this.