The included documentation is pretty good too. Until recently though, there wasn’t a Pentium 4 chipset that offered a similar level of versatility, that is until ATi released their Radeon IGP Northbridge. The Radeon IGP is especially good for those of us who are looking to build a lean machine. This ensures that the BIOS will always be available and will not be damaged by disk failures. CD 1, HDD 2. Making a bid to be the multi-media motherboard for you, ASUS has included a bracket for both types of digital outs.

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You get a Quick Setup Guide for the experienced user, a detailed User Guide, and a drivers disk with more documentation. Q-Fan – This unique technology intelligently and automatically adjusts CPU fan speeds according to system load and temperature, enabling users to work in a distraction-free environment with minimal noise.

When the computer restarts with the CD during setup there will be a screen asking if you want to boot from CD press any key etc – here you should not press any key. ASUS really went all out with this one.

Thus, P4RV helps users enjoy surfing abundant Internet contents.

ASUS P4RV Deluxe motherboards specifications

All times are GMT Thanks for the tip. I tried it but I could not get aaus to work though. There are many reasons why system integrators love motherboards built with nVIDIA’s nForce2 chipset as much as they do; it’s an extremely powerful and totally loaded core logic, and it boasts many features too.


The Radeon IGP is especially good for those of us who are looking to build a p4r8000-v machine.

ASUS P4R800-V Deluxe – motherboards specifications.

Computer powers off in sleep mode See if there’s another driver at ASUS. Supports dual channel mode: Delue then, the Asus’ integrated graphics should serve quite capable.

Find More Motherboards Articles. The time now is And the graphical user interface provides an easy way to configure and manage disk drives or disk arrays connected. The best part is you can get an If so – try booting deluex a Windows 98 boot floppy – choose “Start the computer with CD support”.

Just let setup continue. DS Cluster – Follow our Sitemap. You have incorrect boot settings in BIOS. Here are a few deluze extras: You see it’s specifically designed for the Asus WiFi-B Adapter which runs though the USB port and it’s actually readily available here by itself, which should mean you can get it just about anywhere.

Review: ASUS P4RV Deluxe Motherboard – Mainboard – – Page 2

I’m typically not a big fan of proprietary slots, but I don’t mind the one found on the bottom of this board for Asus’ This ensures that the BIOS will always be available and will not be damaged by disk failures. It also makes it possible for a computer to boot itself.


Too bad there isn’t a fan header anywhere near that AGP slot for an after market fan. A really cool feature that can be customized to have it say what ever you want for each type of defined error.

Integrated Systems full of Benefits. It has the benefit of being backwards-compatible with ATA and ATAPI devices, and offers a thin, small cable solution, as seen in the photo on the right.

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Not bad for those of you moving to a wireless LAN. You may need a driver for the SATA controller. A voice message when you POST can help alert you to system errors.

Alternatively referred to as a bus slot or expansion port, an expansion slot is connection or port located inside a computer on the motherboard or riser board that allows a computer hardware p4f800-v card to be connected. MyLogo – Configure your own image to be displayed during system boot up.