On the right side, one can find buttons for Power4Gear power settings , Bluetooth, Splendid Video Technology changes screen contrast , wireless connectivity, and for the touch pad. On both sides of the chassis one can see several hotkeys that aid in the use of the laptop. But I still prefer to use an external mouse the Bluetooth makes this very easy to do. Keyboard and touchpad view of the Asus W3j view large image I enjoy both these aspects of the W3j. The W3j is not such an exception. As to design there are only a few minor complaints. The system is riddled with bloatware unnecessary programs , that hog system resources no matter how extensive they are.

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W3J | ASUS Global

If three or four people where crowded around the screen I would expect those persons on the outside to have difficulty seeing. Super Pi Super Pi checks the time it takes to calculate pi to 2 million digits of accuracy.

However it is normal operation according to the manual. I find the stroke distance to be slightly more than that of typical notebook keyboards, which I also enjoy.

Number one and the biggest is the fact that is how the heat vent is placed on the right side and therefore makes it uncomfortable especially while gaming to use an external mouse.

Keyboard and touchpad view of the Asus W3j view large image I enjoy both these aspects of the W3j. Cinematic Graphics Display CrystalShine. This becomes slightly annoying when performing functions such as cutting and pasting. I found the battery to last anywhere between 2h 30m to 3h 30m depending on the screen brightness, the power profile, if Bluetooth and wireless is on or not, and other power consuming features.


Now there is no need to wait for the notebook to boot nor do you have to enter the OS for music enjoyment. Eksterne lydkort Interne lydkort. Dual Engines, Double Power Equipped with the latest dual core technology, the W3J enables users to simultaneously run demanding applications, such as running virus scan while talking on Skype and surfing the web. As it stands the asjs is made of a high-grade plastic.

Most importantly, a look at how the Simpsons plays on the W3j view large image Speakers: Learn more about the special benefits reserved for genuine Windows customers by visiting www.

The new W3J asue unique in that it will probably be one of asux last set of laptops that use the Core Duo processors, as Intel is set to release their new Core 2 Duo Merom processor in July.

At times I even felt my old large DS had a higher volume setting than the laptop. Do not expect to have 5 to 6 hours of gaming and movie watching on this laptop with the battery.

Asus W3J laptop Bluetooth device drivers

The specifications for this model are as follows:. I particularly enjoy the charcoal black of interior, the chrome trim of the touchpad, and the gun-metal gray of the lid. Intel Core Duo T 1. Relatively short battery life Average speakers Heat vent on right-hand side.

I have heard that the quality of their service is excellent this too was a factor in purchasing from Asusbut Wj3 have no first hand experience and so will remain silent on the subject for the time being. However once the optical drive is used, the noise is incredible.


Beautiful Excellent build quality High performance while still being portable Cons: The gloss of the screen might seem extreme from some of the included pictures, but I have not found this to be the case. At first I had planned on building a desktop PC, but I soon realized that having a large and un-portable system would not be the most wsus thing for a student living in a dorm. Below is the overall 3DMark05 score and comparison to other notebooks: While asu the topic of angles, I would like to report that the viewing angle of the W3J is not very wide.

Bluegooth stated before, this fact is aggravated by the situation of the heat vent on the right side. Blu-ray Combo Blu-ray brenner.

Complaints with the system are vastly over-shadowed by the over-all experience. Its owner, Eddie, is a participant in the Asus forums with well over posts. Genuine Windows XP is authentic Windows software that is properly licensed and legally installed. Few may even wish to reformat XP to a pristine state. I enjoy both these aspects of the W3j.