Then run the software in list 2 above, to upgrade the driver. There is a RAM upgrade connector on it, but on the back of the card, there is a sticker that says “non upgradeable”. FastVoodoo2 win9x driver v4. Matrox Mystique Installation CD 1. Notes 1 Initially, I could not set the screen size to be anything other than x or x, Windows 3. Cirrus Logic GDx – Windows 3.

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This site hosts no abandonware. Hercules Dynamite W95 NT4 drivers. Oak Spitfire Win9x drivers. I messed about with the “Screen adjustment” utility mentioned below mcah64 2, and after 30 minutes of “trial and error”, it then behaved itself. Return to General Old Hardware.

ATi mach64 enhanced display driver v4. From Banshee to Voodoo5.

S3 Virge Windows NT 3. Matrox Imaging Library 7.

Video 7 “Vega” Driver Disk. Users browsing this forum: ProMotion Windows 3.


VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

Number Nine – Imagine – Windows 95 driver Matrox G Driver CD. Unofficial Teletext applet for Voodoo3 TV. March version of Tseng drivers for Win 3. Orchid Righteous 3D v1 Disk 2.

ATI Mach64

Also, the card won’t work at 50 FSB. Diamond Stealth Pro S3 floppy images.

It took a while though, and the software appeared to behave illogically. Sometimes the image quality doesn’t look very good.

ATI Mach64 GPU Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

It’s later than the software in list 4 above. Diamond Stealth 3D v1.

S3 Trio3D Binary- Win 3. Chrontel Mpact2 Win9x driver S3 Virge Windows 3.

Phantom 64 V Model Win3. Chromatic Mpact 2 W9x 1.

Matrox Productiva G install CD. Phantom 64 G Model Win3. S3 Savage4 Win9x driver ver 8. SiS Win 3. The other two DD tests worked however. Trident VLB Windows 3. Savage 3D Driver Collection.

Orchid Righteous 3D v1 Disk 1.