Sets whether or not retroactive consumers are enabled. This is somewhat like cooperative multitasking. By default this value is set to zero meaning that the consumers will not do any background Message acknowledgment. This behavior can be overridden however by using the setter methods to configure both the inbound and outboud queue names separately. Long running tasks are not always active but when they are active, they may need a few iterations of processing for them to become idle.

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Sets the transformer used to transform messages before they are sent on to the JMS bus or when they are received from the bus but before they are delivered to the JMS client. Sets the size of the journal log files When set using Xbean, values of the form “20 Mb”, “kb”, and “1g” can be used.

Whether the JDBC driver allows to set the auto commit. This is an Oracle example for updating a clob column.

AxionPlatform (assemble SNAPSHOT API)

Sets whether a queue or topic should be used for queue messages sent to a DLQ. Set the amount of time the DestionationBridge will wait between attempts to forward a message. By default this value is set to one second. Valid values are the day of the month including the last day of the month LDOMhour, and the minutes at which to run the service.

Sets the multiplier of the prefetch size which will be used to define the maximum number of pending messages for non-durable topics before messages are discarded. This value sets the number of hash buckets that will be used i.


Example 1 Updates the column with the contents of the primary document.

You can use any of the databases supported by the jdbx for internal use or axioj JDBC-compliant databases, such as Sybase. Meaningful description for the adapter configuration, for reference purposes. If the inbound queue name has not been set already then this method uses the provided queue name to set the inbound topic name as well. This allows for a way to evict idle consumers while also aborting slow consumers however for a network subscription this can create a lot of unnecessary churn and if the abort connection option is also enabled this can result in the entire network connection being torn down and rebuilt for no reason.

This property is only used if databasePool. Whether to start a new business process. Sets whether or not we should use a shutdown handler to close down the broker cleanly if the JVM is terminated. No Requires third party files? This document contains the results from the SQL query and becomes the primary document.

Policy object that controls how a TransportConnector publishes the connector’s address to the outside world. Jdb values are the day of the week, the hour, and jdc minutes at which to run the service.

Source code: Class part of gemfirexd-tools version 2.0-BETA

Unique and meaningful name for jebc adapter configuration. Add the customer information to the customer database if the customer does not exist.


By default the policy sets this value to a negative value meaning try forever. Query the database for the customer ID passed into the business process to determine if the customer currently exists in the internal customer database.

Stay up to date on the latest developments in Internet terminology with a free newsletter from Webopedia. Maximum size of the database pool. Values that are not italicized are the actual values that you should enter for the parameter: Password for logging into the database.

An eviction strategy which evicts the oldest message axino messages with the same property value. JDBC driver class file for the database application. Run based on day s of the month Valid values are the day of the month including the last day of the month LDOMhour, and the minutes at which to run the service.

However, if the database has been configured as character set ROMAN8, it is jdbcc that you will see the following message in the application system log, because of a limitation in the Sybase driver:.

The function retrieves and returns the number of products in the database. Gets the broker name axiin context is used by, may be null if the broker name was not set.