Retrieved from ” https: For numbers refer http: KP May 29, at You can easily access many of the gpio pins via the Main Expansion Header. Unfortunately the gpio pins don’t appear here. It doesn’t works for me in my BB xM.

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One reboots the whole board. And now follow the steps below to on and off LED via expansion pin. Boot BB by writing command minicom. Change the pot and rerun the cat.

EBC Exercise 10 Flashing an LED – xM WhiteBone –

ChuchinKing October 31, at 9: I could be mistaken though in considering all possible options. Each physical pin can can be connected to up to 8 internal lines.

It’s not hard to use the gpio pins to control your own LED. And if it does how to compile the module for armv7? Can you get the LED to appear to dim by changing the duty cycle of the toggling? BeagleBoardPinMux does a nice job of explaining it all.


Value or direction of pin couldn’t be changed. August 10, at You can do the default build or you might want to add support for php, python, lighthttpd, nfs, thttpd and a few other things as well. Note that gpio appears on pin 21 of the Expansion Header. Look at the bottom of the left header and you’ll see it’s labeled P9.

Beeagleboard input voltage is between 0 and 1. Explore a bit and see what you find. If you want then to unmount the device, use unexport.

If toolchain used to build kernel and module is different? The module needs to be build using the kernel source which is running on your Beagle. Now I am facing a problem when inserting the module. Note that if you are the root user which is the default case for Angstromyou will have to type the following command:.

Notice gpio60 has appeared. Hit ctrl-C to stop. I have a pandaboard es and testing the gpio button. You can see that the modinfo shows srcversion. About Me EverGreen View my complete profile.


Hi I have replied to you on the email address you have provided. This should drop you back into the Linux shell. Try holding down the switch and doing cat value again. I couldnt get much xn from elinux,org pinmuxing.

EBC Exercise 10 Flashing an LED – xM WhiteBone

I am using ready image from Linarothe kernel version 2. Unfortunately the gpio pins don’t appear here.

Also note that pins 27 and 28 are ground. Now that you have an LED working, wiring in a switch is easy.