Perfect Spring Salad


Kelsey here. (Obviously haha). Well I am sitting here eating this DELICIOUSLY amazing salad that I made up a couple weeks ago and have been eating basically every day sense.. SO, I thought Hey! Why not blog this little baby so others can enjoy it too. :)  RECIPE: (more…)

Best Sports Bras

Well hello you stunning person you!! Thanks for stopping by. (insert a hug emogi or three)

Let’s discuss something of great importance. THE GIRLS. Look, whatever size or situation you have going on, the right sport bra can make a SERIOUSSS difference. I have tried about a bazillion brands and types of bras and I am here (more…)

Clean Eating Rules

I LOVE FOOD. Like, intensely. Hands down the hardest part of my fitess journey so far has been learning to embrace clean eating. Don’t get me wrong- I am SO glad that I have, and now I am (finally) to the point where I actually prefer it. However I was not always this way. Not even close. (more…)


So I just explained on my instagram how FREAKING SHOCKED I was to be placed on this list.. (seriously what!?) But I am honored to be included and wanted to post the link here so you can check out the other babes! Because THEY ARE AMAZING, and if aren’t following them yet, you should. :)

Mogul Announces Top 30 Fitness Stars of 2016

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Also I am posting my Clean Eating Rules for ya’ll this week, so stay tuned!!!




Why I started BBG

March 18, 2016


So, my baby is two years old today. It has been the craziest, toughest, most beautiful, unexpected two years of my life and thinking back on it all right now I just feel SO. BLESSED to have him and to be his momma. Thinking back on his birth story and those first few month of motherhood brought back a lot of memories. It was an incredible time full of joy and learning and a kind of love I never knew was possible, but it was also tough. The not so glamorous realities of the post-partum weeks are rarely talked about, but geez are they REAL. For me, my greatest struggle came in the form of post-partum anxiety. This is the little (ok LONG) story of that struggle, and how it led me to find the BBG program and fall in love with fitness.  (more…)


You know when it’s the weekend, and you’ve already had your cheat meal but you NEEEED a treat? Or when you are celebrating something and want to indulge? Or just having a crappy day and want to bake a delicious something to cheer yourself up? Haha perhaps you don’t know what I’m talking about cause you don’t tend to eat all your emotions.. BUT anyone who feels me out there, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!  (more…)

Post Cheat Meal Recovery

Ok. So you broke. You ate the whole sleeve of Oreos instead of just one, caved and ate all the crap your co-workers brought to the office, went to the grocer on an empty stomach and ate a bag of dorritos while you shopped, or handled that pizza like a boss. Whether you enjoyed a planned, indulgent cheat-meal (like I do once each week), or simply had a moment of weakness, the big question is WHAT DO YOU DO NOW!? (more…)


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