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So I am sorry for my absence as of late. I am finishing up a HUGE interior design project this month and have literally no time for much else. It is very exciting and I will definitely let y’all know when it’s finished so you can see it if any of you are interested! So yeah! My blogging the rest of the month may be staggered and spastic, but in a few weeks things should be back to normal and you will probably be sick of me. :)

GUYS! This is one of my fave athletic brands that has ever graced my body. I fell in love (more…)

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HEYYY YOU BEAUTIES! Ya know how I said I would be sharing some of my fave workout brands and things?? Well I recently found out about the brand Outdoor Voices, and I am currently OBSESSED with this workout set. Particularly the crop top. Like.. I LOVE IT.

I strayed from my typical black/grey/white and opted for this green set instead. I mean.. I kinda felt a little silly the first time I wore it as it’s a little outside of my comfort zone, but then I realized (more…)

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Heyy beauties! So a bit ago I shared my fave indoor option for LISS on my Insta.  I called it #mysweatlifelissfromhell, and asked girls to hashtag if they did it so I could see if any of you tried it! Well ever since then I get at least one babe a day asking “what is #mysweatlifelissfromhell?” so to make things easier, I thought I would put it up here on the blog for easy reference. (more…)


February 17, 2016
Beautiful quote

“and I said to my body. Softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ It took a deep breath. And replied, ‘I have waited my whole life for this.’”

The first time I read this, it hit me- HARD. (Like, I’m sitting there in my car, wasting time on my phone because my newborn had finally fallen asleep, and the next thing I know I’m bawling my eyes out and having a complete emotional breakdown right there in the grocery store parking lot kind of hard.) I had just had my baby. I was overwhelmed with the indescribable joy of becoming a mother, but also beyond frustrated with my body and very unhappy with myself physically- which I know is irrational- but hard none the less.

All at once those words made me stare my insecurities in the face, while shifting my whole perspective on how I viewed them. It wasn’t my stretch marks, extra weight, zits, or anything else that was the problem. It was that I had somehow allowed myself to view these things in such a negative light, that I had slowly begun bullying myself with my own thoughts. (more…)

Hey! Whassup!? Hello!

February 16, 2016
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Welcome to my fitness blog.

Can I first just say that I feel super awkward having to write without using emojis? Because it really is a rough game and I feel slightly restricted! Like, how can I accurately express my excitement without my ‘squinty eye open mouth smile’ face!? Alas. I shall do my best. Those of you (more…)


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