Because it is an ODBC standard to allow the storing of usernames and passwords in clear text, the sample initialization file includes the username and password required to access the sample DSN. The ODBC initialization file is used as follows:. This value can have an affect when the ODBC connection is interoperating with an application that uses the decimal separator as defined for the current locale. To use a different odbc. After you have created the DSN, you can use the Test Connection button to see if your data source is working correctly. For more information on Kerberos, see the Security Administration Guide.

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The DSN may or may not include login credentials, which can also be stored in the database initialization file, or not stored at all.

The allowed values are as follows:. The InterSystems sample is called cacheodbc. For the default username, the password is SYS must be all upper case.

For an application to connect to a database via ODBC, the application must generally provide the following connection details:.

On Windows, it is a registry entry. In practice, a connection is established as follows:. For detailed information, see the Microsoft support site search on “file DSN”. Security Level must be set to In most cases, this information is stored within a DSN, which has a logical name for use within the client application.


SSL Server Name intersysetms be set to the appropriate named configuration. The ODBC client drivers use this information. This example defines the following values:.

Caché ODBC Driver FAQ

It can be on the same or a different machine than the client driver from which it is receiving calls. Having established the connection, the client driver maintains cwche with the database server.

A secure ODBC program prompts the user for this information and does not store it, in which case it does not appear in the initialization file at all. Specifies the username to be used by the ODBC connection.

It looks for the file in the following places, in this order:. This log is for troubleshooting; you should not turn logging on during normal operation as it will dramatically slow down ODBC performance.

Overview – Using Caché with ODBC – Caché & Ensemble

The directory also contains a readme. For more information on Kerberos, see the Security Administration Guide. The values must be defined as follows:. In order for a process to initiate an SSL connection with these values:. Edit the template files to suit your configuration.


Each InterSystems database can be represented by multiple DSNs, each of which intersystfms support multiple connections. In bit releases of Windows, there are both bit and bit versions of the Data Source Administrator.

The ODBC query timeout setting specifies how long a client should wait for a specific operation to finish.

This allows some Microsoft applications to allocate the properly sized buffers to hold multibyte data. The default for InterSystems is This functionality is only relevant if you are working with a multibyte character set, such as in Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, or Korean locales. For a particular vendor database, that vendor may offer its own version of the ODBC client driver for that platform.

For this option, also specify the following settings:.

ODBC – InterSystems Programming Tools Index – Caché & Ensemble

Protocol combinations are specified by adding individual numbers. Information about the ODBC client driver to use. When defined, this variable specifies a path and file, such as:.