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  1. Find your why

I sincerely feel the thing that will help you stick with your workouts is figuring out WHY you are really working out in the first place. Not just your physical “why” either – the fact that summer is coming or a vacation or an event shouldn’t be your only reason. (more…)


This post is SO important to me, because it really is at the core of why I am so passionate about helping and supporting other women to live active, healthy lifestyles. I don’t want you to work out because you feel you need to change your body. I encourage you to work out because your body is AMAZING and beautiful, and deserves to be taken care of. And you deserve to know that about yourself. Simply put, I TRULY believe that if you care for your body, you begin to love your body. And when you love your body, you want to care for it. It is a beautiful cycle of nurturing self-love and regaining the self-confidence that the world so easily and relentlessly seems to strip away.

In my Instagram posts, I am constantly talking about how the greatest “transformation” I have made since striving to live a healthy lifestyle is NOT my physical one, and I will never stop emphasizing that because it is TRUE. I began feeling and seeing a change in my mental well-being far before I ever started to see a change in the mirror, which is really what helped me stick to the BBG program in the beginning. I noticed that the days I took a half hour to break a sweat, I was calmer. I had more energy. My anxiety lessened. I was kinder to myself. I had more patience. To put it simply, I found that as I made a little time each day to take care of myself, I was much better able to take care of my husband and our new baby. At the same time that my nerves were calmed, confidence grew!

I can clearly remember getting ready for a date with Ry one evening, maybe 3 months post-delivery, and crying. It was our first date alone since Anderson had been born and all I wanted was to feel beautiful and look hot for my man. I tried on all my pre-pregnancy jeans, and none of them fit. Instead, I wore a pair I had bought during the first trimester of my pregnancy and was bummed and felt self-conscious the whole night. Flash forward to about a month later – I had been working out consistently for a few weeks and was feeling much better overall! It was date night again, and just like before, I tried on all of my pre-pregnancy jeans. Guess what? They still didn’t fit. But guess what else? I didn’t cry this time. I wore the same pair of jeans I had worn the month prior, and I ROCKED THEM. We went out and I felt beautiful. My size hadn’t changed. My body hadn’t changed much yet at all. But my PERSPECTIVE had begun to shift, and THAT is everything.

Just in case I haven’t convinced you yet that getting your workout on is 100 zillion% worth it – I’m going to break down the non-physical benefits of exercise for you now in a slightly more scientific way☺. (more…)

What’s SUPP

September 2, 2016
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See what I did there? Ok FINE maybe that was super lame but I like it so I’m keeping that as my title anyway. :)

I am often asked what supplements I take, and WHY. After wayyy too long, (so sorry) I am finally here to answer all your questions. Hello!

In short, the ONLY supplements I use (more…)

I have been wanting to share more about my AMAZING time in NYC in June and geez does time go fast?! SO CRAZY to think this trip was two months ago! It was literally a life changing experience to be involved with the 2016 Sweat Tour and I have so many memories I will cherish forever. BUT before we (more…)

Cosmo Fitness Modeling

Hello beautiful people!!

SO when I went to NYC last month I had the opportunity to do some fitness modeling for COSMOPOLITAN Magazine Online! I gotta be honest, when their darling fitness editor reached out to me a few months prior I legit thought it was a spam email.. like whaaa?? Don’t they want to use some big time professional fitness model or something? I am just a normal chick from Utah livin that BBG life so I most definitely was not expecting an opportunity like this. I was super honest and upfront that I am not a licensed trainer and that I train using Kayla Itsines BBG Program, but they said not to worry, they just simply wanted me to model for some How-to videos, not write them. Once they assured me that someone (SUPER awesome guy btw named Rodrick Covington) would be on set with me to make sure I wasn’t messing everything up, I was like why not?!

HOLY CRAP you guys I was soooo nervous when I showed up. Like.. what if I’m not in as good of shape as they expect? What if I can’t even do the exercises they need me to model? What if they’re mean? haha and a million other things. Luckily Eli (eliannealexander_bbg) dropped me off right at the door with the biggest hug and pep talk. And after another quick call and pep talk from Ryan up I went. Not gonna lie, it was pretty neat seeing the official Cosmo headquarters and in house studio and dressing room, and I was definitely in heaven getting my hair and make-up done. I have ALWAYS been a girly-girl. :) The Hair and MUA was THE sweetest guy and it was so much fun chatting with him and picking his brain about his career! He has worked with so many amazing people and has some really neat stories. He also gave me the DL on all the best brands of makeup products and which ones are worth investing in, ect. (Would anyone be interested in a make-up post?!)

Once we got filming the first segment (we shot four how-to videos) all the nerves went right away. Everyone on set was SO nice and my abs got an extra good workout from laughing so hard all the way through. I know I have said it before, but I just LOVE people. Hands-down my favorite part of this experience, and really traveling in general, was getting to meet so many amazing, unique, talented people. WELL, there you have it! The first video was released yesterday, so if you are interested you can check it out HERE.


A couple BTS pics…

COSMOPOLITAN FullSizeRender_1 IMG_6324 IMG_6325 IMG_6330 IMG_6339 IMG_6341 IMG_6353




You’ve heard it a million times- rest is just as important to your overall fitness and health as exercise and eating right. Stretching and foam rolling is a big part of rest and recovery, but so is getting a good night’s sleep! The list of proven benefits is seriously endless. It’s not always so easy though! Life is busy and most of my adult life I have NOT (more…)


YOU GUYS! First of all I apologize for seriously slacking on my posting lately. I finished up my huge interior design project though just before we left for the UK, so now I will have much more time! :)



INCREDBILE.  (more…)


So I have absolutely nothing to do with this video I’m about to share, except for the fact that I LOVE IT. My husband sent me the link and after watching it I KNEW I had to share it with all of you. (more…)

Perfect Spring Salad


Kelsey here. (Obviously haha). Well I am sitting here eating this DELICIOUSLY amazing salad that I made up a couple weeks ago and have been eating basically every day sense.. SO, I thought Hey! Why not blog this little baby so others can enjoy it too. :)  RECIPE: (more…)


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