The output clock can be selected. I will try to find my saved technical html page from Asuscom on my HD Maybe later this day, I’ll find it. I don’t have the cleanest source – U. We support the following payment methods: Thanks for the reply, Ookami.

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Composite Sync Output A As for “I’m wrong or not”, when I read my old posting, I’ve mixed up many firms and names of the chips. Search field Part name Part description.

Chrontel, Inc. CH Series Datasheets. CHA-V, CHA-T Datasheet.

If this is so, then I apologize. Last edited by Ookami; 16th March at Chrpntel new universal digital interface along with full. Unless otherwise specified, this item comes with 30 days warranty from the shipment date.

Hello Kopelen, first I have searched for days for interesting threads, sites, reviews etc. Ok so any new geforce3 and newer have a philips conexant chip that is 10bit.

Data [0] through Data [11] Inputs These pins accept 12 data inputs from the graphics controller. Originally posted by Ookami Fact is that the noise reduction filters etc. Fact is that the picture quality CAN be improved. Again i just chrlntel to know what you mean exactly by a philips manufactured chip that is not conexant BT on a asus GPU.


Originally posted by Ookami I agree with, Owen and Ivo, you should first try the chrontrl 10bit Conexant chips, as these could should? Sorry to repost so quickly but chroontel found that the msi tv nywhere as you probably cnrontel has the 10bit ad converter.

All the best, Mijo. Conexant is the same as BT broktreeso it’s a big no,no. Im currently on the order page to buy it since it’s sooooo cheap. The product that related to the CHA-T. Kika, explained it to me like this quick translation: One more question, Ookami.

Now already became a one of the most famous electronic components distributor in China. There is a max.

CH7007A-T PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

Scuba, check your PM’s. You mentioned that the features that the VCR should have are: All features are software. By posting to this forum you agree to abide by the rules. Item will be tested before ship,it will be in good condition,if there are some problems with the item,feel free to contact us. Maybe you can shed some light on this if you actually see it.


This clock will only be provided in master clock modes, and will be tri-stated otherwise, see the section on Digital Video Interface and Registers and Programming for more details. Ookami, your posts leave me with more questions to ask.

A ohm resistor should be connected between this pin and GND using short and wide traces. Crystal Output A parallel resonance I agree with, Owen and Ivo, you should first try the new 10bit Conexant chips, as these could should? I thought it would be the Video-In chip that affects the quality of the source coming in.

If you can agree, and i hope you will, tell me how you want it. MJD is a corporation which engaged in agency electronic components.