Having the ability of processing an image before projecting it —either on an external system, or on the projector itself— opens up to a lot of possibilities , and I can foresee an increase of AR applications using projectors; so, do you think there is enough interest for an Open Projectors project? Jump rope hacking with zip ties. Found chipset “Intel Bay Trail”. Now back to try running vanilla kernels on it. I didn’t feel like tearing the device apart and dump the firmware, as I am not the owner of the device, but maybe some more commands can be found by looking there. The software side was pretty easy as I had flashrom already working on the BBB, and I had a backup of the flash contents:. The principle behind it is the same as those cool POV Persistence of vision displays.

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A micro-controller small enough to fit inside the rope handle: Scrivere su una memoria flash che usa il protocollo SPI. Some relative of mine forgot the password to access their e-mail account, but they were still remembering the pattern they used to pick it up, and that pattern could be easily represented by a regular expression. The pictures can be spotted with a really rough approach using rawtoppm from netpbm:.

Maybe the EFI binaries just display the logo and then boot an Android boot image from the right partition, depending on the boot option.

So you can now get these projectors to work wherever libusb I decided to open the tablet and try to reprogram the flash chip In-System. I thought about using a BlinkyTape but the small battery would have not been enough for the 60 LEDs, and also the slip ring would have been necessary anyway, making the cost go higher.


The firmware image is available for download and it does contain the Linux kernel and other Open Source software, but the source code is not available, neither Linux or the GPL are mentioned in the downloadable documentation; I am going to do more research on this later to see if Acer is in compliance with the GPL.

Some ext4 filesystems cacheconfigfactorylogssystem.

Example of use as a Liferea filter:. I used a mAh lipo batterya bigger one digitunee have not fit into the handle.

Digicom 8E видео Видео

Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of The adapter can also be found under these names: Found Winbond flash chip “W25Q Hacking a USB blood pressure meter. I didn’t feel like tearing the device apart and dump the firmware, as I am not the owner of the device, but maybe some more commands can be found by looking there.

The user manual of the device says that when connected to the PC the unit cannot perform pressure measurements, well this is not completely true, there is a command to start a new measurement via USB, however I didn’t find how to restore USB communication after the measurement. This is why Tweeper also Tw itter f ee d scra per was born, as an Open Source way to keep following your friends with a certain degree of anonymity, without having to tell Twitter. Digicom Digitune-S UsbSnoop dump.

I am even thinking about applying the technique to ferris wheelshas anyone got one I can borrow? At that point adding support for the digituns was easy as all the drivers of the single components were already in the kernel, even the remote control mapping was there: Contact us about this article.

Digicom DigiTUNE PRO manual

The indication about 1. This chipset is marked as untested. So after some hours of looking I found that it’d be super easy to customize the root filesystem and even all the logos of the boot sequence; however what I really want to do is to load a custom kernel, but that’s meat for another day.


I think the product has some minor design issues:.

Digicom S.p.A. – Driver

I did diigtune some code from Blinkinlabs, tho. The device is a Visomat Double ComfortIMHO it is overpriced already note, with no backup battery to keep the clock when you change the main batteriesand the limitation on what software you could use to access your data was upsetting.

The Trinket is fine but I think more stuff could be squeezed in by using a custom board, or a Trinket daughter-board. I really enjoy art even though I am not much of an artist myself, I am definitely a technologist more of a researcher of technology than a user TBHand I’ve become a sports person too in the latest years, in particular I discovered how jumping rope can be a fun way to do cardioway funnier than playing hamster on the treadmill; and each time I was jumping rope I started thinking about a tech project involving a jump rope.

[linux-dvb] Digicom DigiTune USB2 DVB-T dongle (Twinhan VP-7045?)

I documenti attualmente presenti in rete spiegano come saldare una interfaccia SPI parallela alla memoria flash per modificarne il contenuto, e dicono di modificare il bootloader a mano copiando e dibitune regioni di memoria da un file all’altro. Low-cost and precise rotary encoder with magnetic spheres. Unsolder it with a cheap Hot Air station which I got anywayand replace the chip with a new one found on AliExpress.

Reverse engineering Artlantis Object Format files. I also took a look at the wordlist digitine syntax supported by john the ripperbut it was an overkill for my simple use case.