Selecting the LCD brightness 1. A picture will be taken after about 10 seconds and 2 [ Selecting the 10 SEC self-timer ] seconds later a second picture will be taken. Special Effects A number of special effects can be applied. Insert the memory card. However, there is no menu for Voice Recording mode. The Software License Agreement window will display.

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A [Unplug or Eject Hardware] window will open. The [LOGO] image is stored not on the memory card but on the internal memory. This software is only compatible with Windows.


Should any interference occur when this device is in operation, please try one or more of the following measures. The batteries are listed below.

Click the [Install] menu in the Autorun frame. No results for Downloads ” “. 1001 apply changes, you must restart the computer. Press the OK button to confirm the setting. Remove the memory card and close the battery chamber cover.


Additional Features Self-Timer Delay. Press the power button to turn on the camera. Connect the camera to your PC.

Samsung Digimax Camera

Increase distance between camera and affected device. The menus you can set up in Play mode are as follows. Press the Pause button again to resume the recording.

Auto, Program, Scene Scene: When the menu is displayed on the LCD monitor, the OK button is used for confirming data that is changed by using the 5 function button. Track my repair Check the status of your repair with Samsung. The white balance menu figimax will appear as shown.

Camera driver installation is complete.

Samsung Digimax 101 Digital Camera User Manual

Second] and hours are shown using the 24 hour clock. Insert the batteries p.

Pressing the thumbnail button will zoom back to the original full sized image. Press the OK button to start the slide show. When you capture an image in a poorly lit condition, the camera shake warning indicator will display on the LCD monitor.

Samsung Digital Camera Digimax User Guide |

You can easily use the Digimax viewer 2. Images can then be printed on DPOF printers, or at an increasing number of photo laboratories. Switch off the camera, and then disconnect the power source batteries or AC Power Adapter. Copying image files to the CARD digiax. Select an image file and copy or move it to MAC.


If the memory 1011 is not inserted, an image will be stored in the internal memory. Olloclip has new pro and entry-level lenses for your phone One of the top names in phone camera lenses now has options for those who shoot a little or a lot.

If this occurs, turn the camera off and wait for at least 1 hour until all moisture is dispersed. Press the MENU button.