February 15th, 7. Notice the extra spaces in the second set! This driver has been tested on Windows 2K and Redhat Linux 7. In order to support zone transfer, you must specify an allnodes AND an allowzonexfr query. BIND parses all of its zone files at startup.

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DLZ is not recommended for use on high-query-volume servers When the DLZ module provides data to named, it does so in text format.

If your lookup query will not return NS and SOA records, you must implement an authority query that will return those types of records. I don’t think it’s a “most popular solution”.

That is caused by the other fields in the row being NULL. So I created a file named. It can also use the hierarchal nature of a standard file system as a database. It is simple, but very capable. Most “drivers” tend to require postgrse specific database schema for the driver to be able to interact with the database. I followed this tutorial exactly using the latest version of BIND9 9.

Installing bind9 with DLZ on Ubuntu

This driver has been built specifically to avoid that problem. Click here for more info. The driver will properly escape the string used to replace the token. This is the second of the tokens discussed previously.


See which driver is the fastest and how DLZ’s performance compares with an unmodified Bind.

Bug # “bind9 with dlz-mysql doesn’t start at boot” : Bugs : bind9 package : Ubuntu

If we have searched for the host name and not found it lookup will search for a “wild card” hostname. All of this is discussed later in the documentation.

This parameter is located at argv[1] and is required. The “search” option in this example can be omitted, as “yes” is the default value. This string must be formatted as BIND expects postgrres.

Bind9 and PostgreSQL

The daemon will re-read the zone files. The format is the same as discussed for the allnodes query. December 11th, 9. This query is used by lookup in the Postgres driver.

The first one was to compile bind with the source code changes for mysql support http: It is part of BIND’s standard configuration file syntax.

But when you want to ;ostgres a dynamic interface, e.

Using DLZ in BIND

This function takes five parameters and has the following signature: If you will have TXT records in your database be sure to wrap the TXT records with double quotes in both the lookup and allnode queries. Let’s say your TXT data is: Unfortunately, so have some of its unfavorable attributes:.


It have features that may help not completely sacrifice the performance when using database, like it can cache database queries for some while instead of querying database each time.

More exotic option – BIND10while still work in progress, yet oostgres claim that people actually use it in production. In the Postgres driver, the find zone query is also used as the first query during the allowzonexfr query operation.

Notice that there is no token to tell the query what type of DNS record we are looking for. If your DNS server is authoritative for a large number of zones, you may have to rebuild the kernel on your machine in order to support BIND’s memory needs.