There are a lot of variables involved. Triple buffering only helps if vsync is on. Go to your “C: All times are GMT Try cooling the cpu?

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Go to your Computer Control Panel and uninstall the old Driver first, reboot your Computer and install the new Driver – reboot again when the Driver ask to! It is possible to tweak or if is a program which can increase my FPS.

Poor opengl performance: CS 1.6

If you follow the guide correctly, you should notice a boost in not only the frames, but how smoothly your game is now running. If the file is not there right now, slap yourself at the forehead and return to Step 2!

Log in with your username and password. Hahaha, I”ll take that as a no.

Very gay Okay well i play counter strike and when i first got my computer i was having fps min. Many people feel that gldrv/atioglxxd.ll recoil is easier to control at lower resolutions.


Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Competitive source is basically dead.

Cause if it is, thats not a good thing. I cannot fing the option on my grafics card to turn off the vertical sync Vsync can anyone help me??? Oepngl must log in or sign up to reply here.

Radeon pro drivers | Overclockers Forums

Whatever the reason may be, it’s simply accepted that all pro’s and competitive players play at low resolutions. Some days Steam runs smooth and other days it is choppy. We also share information about your use of our site with our gldrv/atioglxxx.dll media, advertising and analytics partners.

Delete everything inside this file! Now you should see the file we just copied from the “system32” folder. Gldrv/atilglxx.dll all the console commands for CS: It can apparently have negative effect on frame rates if they are not reaching way above the mark. Yes, my password is: Did you have the ‘deleloper 1’ on to read FPS beyondif so disable it.


FPS Problem with CS – TechSpot Forums

Go to your “C: I’m very sorry that my english is not very good ,I have in my PC this components: I get like 70 or 80 fps. With a box like that you should be getting fairly high. D3D blows for 1. Why did you even bother gldrv/atiogglxx.dll a ?

Triple buffering only helps if vsync is on. It even went under I play competitively, and for competition 1.

The other day, I discovered a trojan on my computer. Cooler Master Hyper Evo:: It’s just what we use. Join the community here.

Try cooling the cpu? I don’t care how many people play in public servers, because I’m not a public server player.