Guide – Right side swing frame assembly – Right toner cartridge guide – Black plastic with cartridge guide on right side with color labels. Sensor – Duplex re-pick sensor – Detects the leading edge of the page. Rod – Left front rod assembly – Part of left side front door hinge – Disengages color cartridges when front door opens. Pad – Separation pad assembly for the Tray 1 position and fits in a holder that sits just below the Tray 1 paper pickup roller. Arm – Left drum lock arm – Black plastic drum lock arm for Yellow cartridge. Spring – Torsion spring – Provides pressure for Tray 1 paper sensor flag. Holder – Cable holder – Secures cable at left rear side near DC controller board – Small white plastic cable support.

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Repair Service – Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. Cable – Main cable – Large cable connected to DC controller board. Feeder – sheet feeder complete assembly – Includes the feeder base assembly and sheet paper cassette tray assembly – Can hold letter or A4 size paper.

Extender – Flip-up tray extender – Flip-up tab in middle of top paper output tray – Allows better support for legal size paper. Gear – hhp tooth gear – Black plastic 74 tooth gear mounted in gear assembly on right side of printer – Four used.

Q1319a HP Color LaserJet 3500 Laser Printer

Spring – Tension spring – Provides tension for top left drum lock arm. Mount – Sensor holder – Mount for toner hopper full sensor PS13 and associated lens. Spring – Grounding spring – Ground spring located on left guide rod assembly. Stop – Paper stop end plate – Mounts at rear of the sheet paper cassette tray assembly. Gear – 25 tooth gear – Mounted in gear assembly on right side of printer.


HP Color LaserJet Specs – CNET

Pad – Separation pad assembly – Includes the metal pivoting support frame with the plastic snap-on separation pad assembly – Mounts in the sheet paper cassette tray assembly. Tray Assembly – Face-up output tray assembly – Drop down paper output tray on rear of printer.

Plate – Metal gear mounting plate – Vertical piece q1391a supports gear assembly on outside of right side printer frame. Stop – Front left hinge stop – Metal stop on left front frame bottom for front door hinge. Washer – Counter measure washer – Small brass washer installed on black toner cartridge clutch shaft between 90 tooth gear and clutch CL2. Guide – Cable guide – Guide for cable in lower right front corner.

Rail – Left q1391a swing rail – White plastic left inside swing rail. Gear – 20 tooth gear – 20 tooth gear mounted in gear assembly on right side of printer.

Lock – Right drum lock arm – Right side lock arm for Yellow toner cartridge. Drive Assembly – Paper pickup drive assembly – Includes a metal plate with the paper feeder pickup clutch, paper feeder pickup solenoid, feed drive board, pickup roller drive shaft, and drive gears. Paper – LaserJet Satin finish tough paper – A4 size Cover – Top cover assembly – Top of printer with face down paper output.


Tray – Sheet tray – Tray 2 paper holding cassette assembly. Stop – Front right hinge stop – Metal stop on right front frame bottom for front door hinge. Drive Assembly – Image drive assembly – Vertical gear drive assembly on front right side of printer. Pad – Separation pad assembly in front portion of sheet tray.

Panel – Side cover – Panel on left side of printer with HP logo. Cover – Screw cover – Clear plastic cover with q13199a bubbles to protect screw heads – Peel off backing adhesive for mounting. Guide – Paper feed guide assembly – Paper guide assembly in bottom of printer. Power Supply – Low Voltage power supply – Located on bottom left side of printer – volt.

Plate – Drive plate – Paper feeder gear drive assembly plate – Metal plate on lower right side of printer that gears for paper feeder drive are attached to. Cover – Left front cover assembly – Left front corner plastic with control panel.

Duct – Upper left rear fan duct to printer frame mount. Spring – Tension spring – H tension for right side swing lock. Manual – Color LaserJet and series service manual.