Right click the vSwitch, choose properties. Then I can type: This is very important!! As you can see with the above routing table traffic attempts to travel over these routes:. Not an IT pro? I knew this by comparing ipconfig results for the names of the interfaces.

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I have configured them to use iSCSI boot the primary looks to Infel can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. New design for GabesVirtualWorld.

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My issue is that the iSCSI networks show up in the routing table like so: Toggle navigation Gabes Virtual World. Right click the vSwitch, choose properties.

Resources for IT Professionals. After configuring the vmkernel interface we now need to attach the vmkernel interface to the vmhba. VMworld Session Public Voting now open.

Intel ET Quad ports + iSCSI ?? |VMware Communities

iscwi I ran “route print” and noted the interface number and metric of the route, then added it to the route delete command.


I agree that changing the routing metric on the interfaces is the solution.

Tuesday, November 4, 5: Next check in the network adapters list to what vmnic this is linked, in this example vmnic2. Then I can type:. Software Loopback Interface 1 Echo off Rem fixes iscsi route problem as shown below: Next add it to corresponding vmhba. Here is the script I isvsi on each iSCSI Boot initiator you would obviously change the ip number to suit your environment:. OK, I figured out how to manually delete the entries. Not an IT pro? Thanks for posting here. Wednesday, November 23, 6: Add the vmnic if this has not already been done.

Easiest is to right click the vmhba adapter and open the properties tab.

The parameter is incorrect. Wednesday, November 23, 1: Have you installed any NIC configuration software from Intel on this server?

To connect the second vmhba, you should follow the same steps again. The easiest test is to just shutdown the port on the physical switch connected to the first vmhba and then see if the failover works.


Firstly thanks to Ben-Tempus for highlighting this issue and providing a temporary workaround. In oscsi specific configuration that meant setting vmnic3, vmnic4 and vmnic5 to unused and only add vmnic2 as active.

Dependent hardware iSCSI adapter on ESXi5

However, I still got the undesired routes in the routing table. On the first tab you can set CHAP authentication if needed. Tuesday, November 22, 2: I insured that my 8576 server gave out no default gateway entry. Remove From My Forums.

Then I can type: