I recommend anyone that has the ver. A warning poped up, saying not recomended. Friday, August 6, 5: Upon completing Step 10, above, I receive the error: If you don’t have the network card installed yet, install it then look for it. This worked amazing, thanks so much!!!

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The link you provide is broken. I recommend anyone that wmpp54gv4 the ver. Friday, August 6, 8: It just so happened that my card is the same version as yours ver. I appreciate the input.

Friday, May 14, 4: Tuesday, January 8, 6: They still provide the drivers somewhere on their site. If you don’t have the network card installed yet, install it then look for it.

Friday, January 23, 5: Select – Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer 7. Hi there I tried this exactly and my system freezes every time, I have to manually reboot in safe mode to remove the install.


A warning poped linksus, saying not recomended.

Saturday, August 15, I also used the first one on the right hand side worked perfect the first time. Haven’t had a chance to try the original post’s method of installing a working driver for the LinkSys WMP54G v4, but as for the intended link I navigated through their site and found this link to be the best guess at the driver location: If you visat another version of the card, you may have to search to find out what version of Ralink’s chipset it is using or do a little try and die until you get it.

It saved me a long, painful quest.

WMP54G v – Linksys Updated Drivers

For many days I’ve tried similar fixes with no results. I seem to be having the same problem after installing RC1 this evening now morning?

This is what needs to be done: First got rid of the linksys files ran the ralink file rebooted went to hardware and chose the unused. Find it in the list of devices and uninstall it. There was a problem installing this hardware: I use,d everything on the list just adapted it for my 64XP pro Vjsta and it worked great.


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Tuesday, May 24, 9: I appreciate your efforts. Saturday, February 24, 6: I was unable to find it myself. Skinny Pirate you linkays my world. It was great advise. The link listed in the main post is broken the new one is: Upon completing Step 10, above, I receive the error: Obviously throw on a flash drive if you are downloading from another computer.

Friday, December 8, 5: