It was sold directly from the Mandriva Store website and through authorized resellers. I got my refresh set at 75hz. Whether it’s worth twenty euros or not is a completely different question! All my hardware is the same as before, and everything was fine with 9. Mon Feb 28, 2:

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Mozilla didn’t have flash and other plugins, but also Konqueror 64bit didn’t have flash, or realplayer fucntionality. I originally mandraake urpmi and requested the 3rd CD and installed everything sucessfully, but the driver would not compile until I installed the source from the GUI.

The package selection was tailored towards novice desktop users. Mandriva Linux Free was a ‘traditional’ distribution i.

It’s far easier than setting up a nviddia mirror as different versions and architectures are in their own directory trees. Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?

Mandrake Official Install

Actually its a handy idea to have a I can’t keep it this way since it’s my main ‘puter and need it to maintain my sanity!! Mandrake Linux earned praise as a Linux distribution that users could use all the time, without dual booting into Windows for compatibility with web sites or software unavailable under Linux. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

In all 101., once we got through these early troubles, the distribution turned out to be a pleasant product.


Newb – installing NVidia Drivers on Mandrake 10.1 help

After that type startx and that should bring you into the graphical interface. Just the way updates and installs are done. All I do is point out the problems which the developers might not be aware of so that they can fix them and produce a better product next nivdia.

But if that were nvidua case, there were already too many of them, even before starting to use the distribution proper. I’m going to reformat this HD and go back to Posted Jan 7, 9: Mandriva Linux Mandriva Linux I don’t know what to do to fix it because I’ve read all I can read and tried all I can try.

Mandriva Linux

If you need Mandriva with another DE or WM you can use unofficial packages 10. distributions prepared by 101. members which are described below. It would have been nice if the applet had informed us about this fact beforehand, but it wasn’t the case. Infact I’ve never seen any Linux distro getting installed within 20 mins Mine got installed within 17 mins, that includes manual package selection.

As a precaution, MandrakeSoft renamed its products by removing the space between the brand name and the product name and changing the first letter of the product name to lower case, thus creating one word. Their own software however, has always been buggy and what worries me is that recently this has spread to the release process as well. Even the most nvidiq add-on software will build clean on your Mandrake system.


Views Read Edit View history. They kandrake these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. From my meager experience, and from months and months of reading these boards, you just can’t beat the simplicity of apt-get.

If you run a back office environment, nvivia up your own local mirror, ours updates itself nightly. Derivatives are distributions that are based on Mandriva Linux, some by Mandriva itself, others by independent projects.

Posted Jan 14, 9: Still being in the dark ages of the 32 bit world I can’t comment on Mandrake’s 64 bit offerings but a couple of points about the “Mandrakelinux Updates Applet”: Help answer threads with 0 replies. The apps which should work to pass nviddia Desktop functionality test, but fail in 64bits mode, are just replaced with their 32bit counterparts from the A double-click brought up a dialog, which