The OS sees the drive and loads it back but still the same prob. I’ve actually known about this fix it web site for about 3 years but it fixes other hardware issues too. They appear complicated but really its just a case of navigating through folder after folder, being careful that you select the correct one each time as some can look very similar in name the numbers on the last entry have others that are almost the same Guess the only thing now is change my dvd ram or buy my self an external dvd. Kesh – Oct 23, at Ligeia – Dec 6, at Amd Radeon m And m Series.

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When I put in any disk, the autoplay doesnt run and Windows seems to not recognize it, however nothing pops up, just nothing happens.

Two minutes and the problem was solved Out of the blue this problem came up. Where are xo solutions? Can you please tell me if there is such a thing and if so, where I could find it?


Matshita Ujjs Not Recognised As Dvd Burning Device – Easy CD Creator 4 and 5 – Roxio Community

Stas Toporovski – Jun 13, at I tried the J-Trays recomendation a little bit scared at begining. Kill – Nov 17, at Which ASPI are you using? Having read some lousy reviews of the drive I assumed it was a physical problem.

I too had the same issue, same drive, same OS. Does anyone have suggestions for me?

JohnC Jan 15, matshiga Its DVD ram ujD was giving problems since begining, but now it even do not recognize cds and dvds, nor can i write: Have been reading all your posts and seems all having problems with matshita ddrives UJ Any ways thanks a ton.

I took a safety copy of the Registry. Awesome, I’m really glad I x; help. So the only thing i can do is buying a new drive?

See a pattern here. J-train, was reluctant to mess with the registry, but it totally worked on my Satellite A, running Vista.

Matshita Dvd Ram Uj 85Js Xp Driver

The drive is a standard So, J-Train, thank you very much indeed! Thanks your help sir! It looks as if we have the writer recognized now, but you’re having trouble with your ASPI layer. Report Respond to jad Respond to tommievaughn yahoo.


Matshita Dvd Ram Uj 85js Ata Device Driver Download

Report Respond to Shezza. I went to a authorized fixing store and they told me that I was supposed to by another driver Thanks for the reply. To be precise it seemed to work mechanically receiving and ejecting discs of any typebut always reported the disc as blank, and was inaccessible from any software NERO, NTI, Explorer, etc. Please send me a driver for it or show me the link to find it!

Hello, Your the best buddy. Note the difference in what Panasonic believe is the drive speed, and what Nero reports. Belle – May 2, at Report Respond to stevempe.

I found this page with J-Trays recomendation and a lot of related succesfull experiences.