Suddenly a little light went on over my head. Works great, even when all 9 ports are used along with the power port. Less than half the price of a best buy alternative and better quality for what you would find. Works like a charm, though – transfers data much faster than the standard USB 2. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a quality wireless adapter at a great price.

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At best, I was expecting to have to run some home-brewed firmware on the WD TV in order to get this to work. At this point I was ready to cut open walls and run the ethernet cable to my computer. Unlike with an AirPort or some Apple-supported device, there’s no indication in the menu bar that there’s a connection, but the “Ralink Wireless USB” utility that launches when the adapter is connected confirmed it was daapter.

The adapter finally arrives in the mail! wdapter

The software was installing, and I could see the USB light flickering like crazy and my hopes were high. I recommend this product to anyone meialink wants a quality wireless adapter at a great price.

This item allow us to turn that modem into a wifi connection our wifi enabled devices. Works like a charm, though – transfers data much faster than the standard USB 2.


While I wanted to believe that, I used the CD anyhow. Less than two months after I got it, the adapter just suddenly stopped working.

This adapter worked right away and I don’t think I’ll have to worry about it ever. The driver installed nicely and the adapter worked, though I found the configuration utility confusing and could not figure out how to use WiFi Protected Setup WPS. Very easy to install and I just like the placement of the plugs and the display lights on the unit.

Upon inspecting the fallen soldier I noticed some teeth marks in the plastic body. Working just fine since I got it many moons ago. We also like the LED lights that show us each port is in use. The installation was like cake. Hmmm, why isn’t the install finishing up?

This time, I figured I’d try a new brand, and so far, I’m glad I did. I can even use two drives at once in the case of transferring data from one drive to another. Offering the ultimate in simplified Wi-Fi installation, the installation utility of this adalter adapter was designed so even the most novice user can install this product quickly and with ease.

Speed was excellent, though. Works fast, great price, its basic and simple but works well. Made the installation easy and the cost, with shipping, was one of the adxpter values I found.

Did another re-boot to get out of safe mode, and it still works just fine.


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The signal strength was somewhat lower than the Intel card with its three antennae in the netbook lidwhich was understandable. I first tried it under Windows 7. The tech support person, who was professional and knowledgable, recommended trying their wireless-N USB adapter. It would sometimes resurrect itself like some little zombie, but would eventually return to it’s grave, one time finally for good.

This product can also simultaneously operate bandwidth intensive applications such as voice, and video. It’s Velcro under the desk and hidden from view along with all the crap attached to it.

YouTube videos were impossible to watch.

Medialink Wireless-n USB Adapter | eBay

Works first time every time. I was looking for a new wireless adapter for my wife’s computer, as the old mediallnk suddenly stopped working one day. My connection speeds were ridiculously 7kbps to 28kbps at most! I forget sometimes that I’m wireless. Everything for my online experience is now lightning fast again.