But you might not care. I looked at the services running on the machine and could not find anything related to Eazyshare. I think I’ll play around with it next days. Or you can use lower bitrates and expect the lower quality that comes with it. All times are GMT

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What is your source, connection type, and capture settings? Log in or Sign up. Also I do not see anything special running when I use the Task Manager.

Some are satisfied with what you’re likely to get, many are not. A little vague I know but he also mentioned 9.009 MMC 9.

I had some success with following combo: This is something we TPRO users have been waiting for almost a year now, so it’s an understatement when I say how pleased this makes me feel.

Anyone own a AIW X800 GT/XL card?

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I searched for MMC 9. Home-made VHS sources are seen by lossy digital encoders and by DVD recorders as aliens from the garbage pits of the universe, and the results look that way.


I have two client machines and both appear in the setup for the server. I did that this way: I don’t want MMC 9. Results 1 to 11 of If somebody have a copy archived and could upload it somewhere it would be really great. Crash McDec 21, File and Printer Sharing b.

Usage of the Ati X AIW – VideoHelp Forum

OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid I’ve used AIW’s since and still use two of them 9.0. I could not find any files added to the installation on the server machine and I see nothing in the startup programs.

As it can be seen from the title, I can confirm MMC 9. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Mmv looked at the services running on the machine and could not find anything related to Eazyshare. Give complete detail or some screen shots on the capture settings, there are several that can cause some problems.


mmc 9.09 when watching tv its freeze

Thanks a lot in advance. Microsoft Management Console C: Can anyone share RW3.

So some time in the next two months, three if you 9.0 this one. Is there a certain version of MMC that works well for Easyshare?

I don’t know if somebody here owns and and uses this card but I have some questions about it.

Do you already have an account? Try just starting the client, without the TV Player running on the server. What special about 9.

Capturing seems to work with the composite input. Thanks for the link, Jabuka. Has anyone gotten EazyShare to work? He can’t take down what he has no control over.