ID Card Printer Printheads. ID Card Printer Ribbons. An optional powered rewinder makes printing to finished rolls simple. Anyone looking for a label press to use with a digital label finishing and label cutter. By doing a review, your feedback helps others to understand your experience with this printer and the company.

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Afinia Label R – Discontinued. Minimum media width is 2 inches. The Afinia L excels in speed, vibrant colors of the dye inks, quality, performance, and total cost of ownership. The L is also compatible with a wide range of paper, polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl label stocks.

L Industrial Colour Label Printer | Powered By Memjet – Afinia Label

Cost per label should be as important as printer cost when investing in a label printer. Powered by Memjet-technology, the Afinia L is one of the fastest digital color label printers on the afniia. Super-fine resolution makes for crisp text and barcodes, even at very small sizes.

In-house, on-demand label printing allows the flexibility that growing brands need to thrive: Low cost of ownership Afinia Label Memjet label printers allow you to save on consumables.

L801 Industrial Colour Label Printer | Powered By Memjet

The DLP Digital Label Press powered by Memjet technology, features industry-leading cost of ownership, dpi full-color output at print speeds up to 60 feet per minute. See the full specifications for the Afinia L at AfiniaLabel. Get the O801 Plus for increased water and moisture resistance 1. Roll-to-roll label printing The optional rewinder pairs perfectly with the L to allow for continuous, roll-to-roll label production.


The NeuraLabel x is a high-speed, high-resolution printer for on-demand GHS-compliant, color label printing. This gives us a rock-solid foundation of technical expertise, and decades of experience providing the best possible customer service. There is some waste.

Entry-level inkjet l8001 printers become cost-prohibitive and inefficient at higher volumes due to their higher ink costs and slower print speeds.

Since the Afinia L and all Memjet Technology-based color label printers use dye-based inks, labels printed with these printers cannot produce GHS BS compliant labels.

L » Afinia Label – Make Your Own Labels : Afinia Label – Make Your Own Labels

This new technology also produces deeper blacks and uses more responsibly-sourced inks 2. Once rewinding is complete, simply remove the core holder and completed roll. Phone for fastest response. This type of service and component replacement are required on all Memjet Technology-based printers and are not exclusive to Afinia Label.

Whether looking to upgrade from an entry-level color label printer, such as the Afinia L, or move label production in-house, the Afinia L is a worthy contender for adinia to high-volume label production. Label manufacturers, print shops, UPS Stores, and Kwick Copy stores that resell printed labels and that want to produce digital labels to help meet small run needs for their business are a great fit for the Afinia L It is commonly used by manufacturers, print shops, and medium- to large businesses to print rolls of full color labels.


Like the L, the rewinder can handle label sizes up to 8. Highlights of the Afinia L include:. By doing a review, your feedback helps others to understand your experience with this printer acinia the company.

Afinia Label was founded in to offer afnia printing solutions with best-in-class support at accessible prices. These solutions are perfect for on-demand, short run label The Afinia L has the lowest ink cost per label for a dye inkjet color label printer in the industry. Meanwhile, CMYKK cyan, magenta, yellow, and double black ink tanks produce vivid colors with deep blacks for crisp contrast.

With its inch media width, the Afinia L can bring the per label cost down even further by printing multiple labels across the width of the roll. The L is a true workhorse that also brings a low total cost of ownership to businesses that print from 3, tolabels per month.

The dye-based inks will produce photographic quality labels with vibrant colors, but do not offer the type of durability required for GHS BS chemical labels where the label needs to be able to withstand salt water immersion for 12 months and long-term UV protection.