Maxcalls was not configurable M Dependency: New action Subscribe usable in callflows M Feature: The recorded name was not used when the option skip fallback was used backport M Deprecated: Process crashed when using the console dial command. Added the possibility to configure the maximum number of simultaneous calls M Bugfix: Try to avoid hanging WebSocket connections Dependency:

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In m0984 of ringall ring directly member when they get available M Dependency: Remove realtime priority by default, reducing load peaks M Improvement: Asterisk reload was slow when using several thousands global variables M Improvement: Desktop CallHistory M Feature: Clearer medialinks usage output M Bugfix: Fixed memory leak which occured when making call and answering them M Bugfix: Turn off email alerts.

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Reload was needed to apply linear queue strategy M Bugfix: Deactivate defense daemon when switching to standby mode M Dependency: Added the possibility to add polycom specific preemption reason header M Improvement: Notify presence events to m.

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Use escaux-minutely for minutely cronjobs M Improvement: For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. Add a FREE map to your listings.

Define the maximum number of calls M Deprecated: Process coredumps were not created in some cases M Bugfix: Prevent remote bridge when both end does not negotiate the same capabilities M Bugfix: No ringback tone when dialing a phone with a new codec after answering a call M Bugfix: Respect dependencies and retest your most important callflows and applicative integrations.: Try to avoid hanging WebSocket connections Dependency: Add option to skip the fallback in MinivmGreet application M Feature: Music on hold with mp3 files was not working when mode “Play the music from the beginning” was selected in the music on hold resource M Dependency: Minivm tmp folder was not always created M Bugfix: Voicemail for new users is not working until the process is manually reloaded or restarted Dependency: Scalability and robustness registration flags M Improvement: Parsing crash of diversion header M Deprecated: RTP ports were not freed after connectivity loss while ringing backport M Dependency: All the allowed codecs are now proposed in the reinvite so that the remote peer should always accept the SDP Backport M Bugfix: Please let me know if you have any questions.


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