Setup Complete screen will appear. The enhanced, point calibration data cannot be stored in the touch monitor. Touch functionality can be disabled from the previously mentioned Advanced window. In other cases you may need to use this option to force the installation to reboot the system after the serial driver gets installed. The installation process allows you to select which drivers, USB, serial or both, that you want to install. Select desired options in the Advanced window.

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EloTouch Solutions | Support

The point calibration should be used for tocuhscreens with known touch performance issues along the screen’s tocuhmonitor for example AccuTouch ; applying point calibration to other types of touchscreens will not improve touch performance; in some cases, it may degrade touch performance.

The Identify Monitor button will display the Elo logo on the monitor associated with this Properties page for about one second each time this button is touched. Files are copied on the touch controller.

When you run EloVA using one of the options above, touch the three targets as they appear. The message will repeat again if problem is not corrected. Silent install is launched from the DOS prompt line.


Enable PreCalibration allows the calibration data to be stored in the touch monitors. If when calibrating you get the error message: Elo Touchmonitor The Elo Touch Solutions L touchmonitor is designed, developed and built to provide a cost-effective touch solution for system integrators and VARs.

Acoustic Pulse Recognition PulseTouch is factory calibrated.

In some cases, the installer will serjal detect this need and prompt for a reboot. The frequency adjustment sets the touch screen driving frequency of the controller. Select the language for the driver package.

Elo TouchScreen Driver 5. The beep is enabled by default when the driver is installed. Each Properties page contains information extracted from the touchscreen controller and the system about the monitor, touchscreen, controller and internal drive. This user manual describes the installation of the touch-screen driver software and the user selectable features of touhmonitor screen.

Review and accept the License Agreement.

Xorg evdev

Check your device info: Multiple monitors, Serial controllers. Elo Houchmonitor Driver 5. The right click delay allows the user to perform other touchscreen operations normally. This eliminates false alarms, for example, if a user places their hand on the screen for an amount time.

Properties tab includes an Advanced properties button as shown. Enter the minimum number of failed beams before a failure message is generated.

See Tool Tray section of this document. Because there are many options to consider when installing the driver files, this section will cover the most common ways the driver can be installed.


Elo TouchSystems Driver User Manual

You’ll have to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect. The COM port you selected will be shown in the window of this screen.

Once the screen is calibrated, the cursor should follow any new point on the touch screen. A number will be assigned to each Properties page that is eoo to the order in which controllers or ports are detected or enumerated.

Sends a touchmonitorr up message at the point of untouch. The Elo monitor display is factory sealed against dirt and dust, and the unit offers a choice of Elo touchscreen technologies: The video alignment program may be launched seven different ways:. Elo software will be deleted from the computer. Page History Login to edit.

Unsupported Version This article applies to an unsupported version of Ubuntu.