This only works with a tray-loading mechanism but seems to be useful when using the Kodak disk transporter. This may be called: In the second case the option -isosize is needed to prevent cdrecord from reading the two run out blocks that are appended by each CD- recorder in track at once mode. Blk valid cmd finished after 0. Disks made in Track At Once mode are not suitable as a master for direct mass production by CD-manufacturers.

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If the track data is an ufs filesystem image, fragment size should be set to 2 KB or more to allow CD-drives with 2 KB sector size to be used for reading. If you like to write from stdinmake sure that cdrecord is called with a large enough FIFO size e. The -raw16 option should only be used with drives that do not sup- port to write in -raw96r mode.

cdrecord problem

The blanking type may be one of: The numbers printed out as labels are computed by: Values marked with kB use bytes as kilo-byte, values marked with Cahnot use bytes as Kilo-byte. The following driver names are supported: The mandatory parameter value is the disk capacity ratio compared to normal recording and currently may be selected from 0.

Be careful when using this option. This does not work on all operating systems. It allows to run a pipe from mkisofs directly into cdrecord. Some types of CD-writers e. For other factors on Plextor drives, see the gigarec option above. The megabytes mentioned in the verbose mode output however are counting the output sector size which is e.


Newer machines from Sun do not have this MMU hardware problem.

cdrecord problem

The val- ues for speed and fifosize may be set to -1 to tell cdrecord to use the global defaults. On systems with POSIX real-time scheduling cdrecord uses real-time dreebsd too, but may not be able to gain a priority that is higher than all kernel processes.

Setting drive options To set drive options without writing a disk e.

The Plasmon RF work, but has not tested in multi session. If you like to write from stdinmake sure that cdrecord is called with a large enough FIFO size e.

With this option, the write mode is the same as with the -multi option.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

As the official size of the lead-out area on the disk is 90 seconds sectors and a disk usually works if there are at least sectors of lead out, all media may be overburned by at least 88 seconds sectors. The default is to turn forcespeed off, regardless of the defaults of the drive. Calling cdrecord -reset may be needed if a previous write has cdreccord interrupted and the soft- ware did not tell the drive that it will not continue to write.


Each line that follows a label contains freebd TAB separated list of items. The command for the lofi variant is: This works not on all operating systems. The parameter is the name of a composer. The minimal size of a track is 4 seconds or sectors. You freesd to fix them and rebuild the kernel or manually tell cdrecord to use a smaller FIFO. If a filename ends in. The third line gives information on the SCSI status code returned by the command, if the transport of the command succeeds.

Some operating systems or SCSI transport implementations may require to specify a filename in addition. If you need cdrecod than 8 MB to write a CD at a speed less than 20x from an image on a local file system on an idle machine, your machine is either underpowered, has hardware prob- lems or is mis-configured.

Cdrecord in this case checks if the real user would have been able to read the us files. The XA sector sub-headers will be created by the drive.