When I called Golfworks to inquire about this head, they rep put me on hold and asked the lead head designer if there would be any issue with the heavier weight plug in this head. I can always replace it with a heavier one in the future. It has great performance off the entire clubface. Overall, I was really impressed by the performance. That reminds me, I need to sell a few clubs. Edited by Colej, 08 April – This head would qualify as a mid launch head.

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Could it be possible that the matte black paint on the crown is making the alignment aid to appear more towards the toe? Feel free to comment or educate me if my thought process is flawed. After that, I went with the Snake Eyes Viper Tour TI head because it had three weight ports located in the rear and sole of the club.

I teed it up and let it fly. This design minus the weight port seems to be the standard for most major manufacturers. I was fully refunded and customer service was fair. When I called Golfworks to mlatby about this head, they rep put me on hold and asked the lead head designer if there would be any issue with the heavier weight plug in this head.


Here is the link http: Pictures not showing up in the final post I don’t think this head is available any longer. Even on the wet fairways I was playing I was still getting a little bit of rollout.

The new KE4 ST-1 head has a deeper face. They are all very good, but I could never get the weight in the head right after cutting the shafts down. Kaltby I’m curious what shaft you ended up puting in.

I tried Taylormade, Adams, and Callaway drivers to get the benefit of the new heads. Great job by the Golfworks staff of coming up amltby a awesome clubhead. I wish that all manufacturers had some kind of weight port on every head.

Maltby Ke4 St-1 Driver Review – gigaarchives

I can’t wait to play it gonna try for tomorrow. St-z1 has nice clean lines with not alot of busy paint schemes or off the wall colors.

I am also eager to have the benefit of a weight port head with VFT cup face design. That would be great for me.


Golf Club Heads

I did this because Golfworks is offering a great deal on a clubpak that comes with this st-aa1. I am eager to get it in my hot little hands.

Any chance you’ve also hit the Wishon THi? The sound of the clubhead is not bad at all. THE every club in my bag might be a Maltby. I believe it is right around 82 grams uncut.

Maltby KE4 ST-A1 Driver

They really hit the ball a long way. I was one of the people that suggested a possible reshaft could help. That is another awesome head. And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? The sound of this driver is very muted and solid.

You can see they settled with a flat black for the crown. I know that drives the cost up though. Several functions may not work.