In order to work properly, MaxEnt requires a model of the blur and of the noise in the image. IRIS “Here is” a small but excessively powerful tool easy to use to enhance and process your digital astronomical images. It can be used for either interactive or a batch processing. The Mask dialog box contains a Color Similarity tool able to erase undesirable features by dragging an input color or range of colors over another region of the image. It can load or save in over 70 files format. Software downloads for all currently-manufactured products are on their product page, under the Downloads tab. Changes to “screen stretch” do not affect contents of file.

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As many modern products it can directly acquire images from scanner or digital camera.

Pentium recommended; minimum DX or higher. You set the exposure, focus, binning, color sequence if need and control the autoguider even asking it to take some pictures through a simple menu. Once you are satisfied with the results, click OK to process the entire image. Supports many popular file formats. That means that it can also read animations GIF and alter its individuals frames as any other picture. At last Corel gives you access to his on-line newsgroup to get a free flow of information and a technical support mainly driven by Corel volunteers.


Does CCD image processing really have to windosw98 difficult? At last its power comes from its built-in scripting module and it may use plug-ins through dll’s loading. Plus, you can simply click on a white or gray area of the image to set the color balance. You can also add watermarking for embedding and reading copyright in your images. A special digital develpment function allows you to show natural tone maximdll CCD images by sharpening edges according to the brightness in the image.

I find the program intuitive PNG – for high-quality compressed images. Image stretching and scaling: A complete tutorial is available on Christian Buil’s website.

Review of Imaging software

It includes basic image editing functions to alter images geometry, color or luminance but also more powerful tools like perspective correction, photomontage with scaling and warping. This product hid however a 32 bit program including all pre-processing operations and a professional looking GUI.

For example, the menu toolbar is user definable and many tools can be extracted from the toolbar and moved on your desktop if necessary. One year of free minor version updates via web site download.

Calibration Wizard makes CCD calibration a breeze! Photo Editor Probably the most popular imaging tool from Microsoft as it comes with the Office97 Professional package as a graphical option but it not installed by default. You can also ask for a complete description of the entire dialog box. Windwos98 simplify complex image processing functions.


The product is included in most Windows OS from 95 to Seven. To install version 1.

ATS MaxImCCD info

JPEG – with controllable quality to allow for optimum compression. All dindows98 you are using open a small floating windows in which you can optionally see a preview of your alteration. Detailed page manual with index. In addition it supports numerous mathematical functions including image arithmetic and functions, high and low pass filters, edge detection, FFT, convolutions with various masks, detector flat fielding and you can also create your own filter kernels.

The Color gradients fades smoothly one color in another.

Legacy Product Support

MS-Paint can also be useful to create small plain color bitmaps for illustrating purposes. The image processing module of PRiSM allows you to preprocess background and bias compensation, normalization, dark frame, flat field image, etc or postprocess your digital or CCD pictures. At last like in many similar products some special effects tools are available mzximdl vignetting, distorting, embossing, edge enhancement, spiral, etc.

Both automated and manual tools are provided for this purpose.